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Your Questions

Do not hesitate to get in touch.

How do I contact you ?

I use Instagram to be in touch with you, by direct messages. If you don’t use this platform you can email me directly : peaueme.contact@gmail.com

What is Handpoke ?

It is an ancient tattoo practice, it is machine free and does not change the permanence of the tattoo. 

The practitioner holds the needle by hand, and pokes the skin point by point by dipping the needle in the ink.

Nothing interferes with this experience, neither the noise of a machine, nor even its artificial vibration. It is a slower, more delicate practice and in my opinion more authentic.

What are your prices ?

On the « process page » you will find my prices and information about what these include.

If you are missing any information or would like more detail, please contact me.

Where can I find you ?
I live in Italy, in Angera, a small town located on the lake Maggiore.

This part of Italy is beautiful and I recommend you stay longer in the area, if you can, to visit the surroundings.

Note that I am :
• 1h from Milano center by train.
• 30min by car from Milano Malpensa airport.

Do you sometimes offer different locations ?

No, I do not plan to host sessions anywhere else, nor propose guest options. 

If you have a special request and want me to join you somewhere special for you, this may be possible, and we can discuss fees based on distance and situation.

It is important for me to offer all my attention to one person at a time, and be totally present for you. To be able to do this, I setup a private space as a sanctuary, and never host another session the same day, nor the day before. 

You may be interested in reading section Perceptions, where I talk about travel and choices you will have to do for yourself.

Is it only for women ?

No, my proposals are for everyone who feels the call.
Those who want to give meaning, impact and resonance to their intentions.

What are your Healing recommendations ?

It is all about hearing your body, taking care of it by hearing its needs. I recommend using natural products such as coconut oil, shea butter or a mix of vegetal oils. 

Before our session you will receive a document with all information, including healing recommendations.
At the end of the session I will also take the time to talk you through the healing process.


Getting in touch.

I use Instagram to be contacted, you can write to me by private message.

If you don’t have Instragram please write to me at : peaueme.contact@gmail.com