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How do we create your Symbol?

Details about the creation process of your Symbol and Amulet.

In this article I will provide details on the clay process creation. You will also find some advice about how to choose your symbol.

Intuitive process

In this article I talk about the clay process, but know that I also propose an intuitive one, in which we create your motif the same day we tattoo it. I will draw directly on your skin, following the shape of your body, creating small or large compositions, instinctively and in freehand.

The messengers

You may feel the call of an amulet on my Instagram. When I live on the sea, or when a motif comes to me, I do an amulet to materialize this energy. I believe these symbols belong to someone who need them.

Most of the time it is the land itself which gives me these symbols, giving me first the earth in which the symbol will appear. I connect with the energies of the land, and transfer the message on the clay.

I let you feel the vibration of the amulet, the meaning it carries for you. It is an intuitive process, only you know why the symbol is calling you.
Contact me if you want to reserve one of them when it appears.

Your Symbol based on your Intentions.

Most of the time we create a symbol for you. Based on your needs. From your heart’s intentions.

How do we do that?

First, we connect through a video call, seeing you is important for me, to feel your energy, and hear you voice. In this call, we are going to discuss the intentions of your body transformation. The intentions could be many, a passage, a way to honor your body, a connection to joy, a life ritual. This symbol will be a way to write your own path, using shapes, and have your own reading of it.

You can take time before our call if you need, a break from your life’s routine, to see why you are going to mark this passage. A time to feel – what do I need, what do I want for myself – what do I want to connect with, by seeing this tattoo – what do I need to read everyday with this tattoo ?
All these questions I will ask you.
You can also choose not to prepare anything and be opened to what comes in that moment.
If you prefer to give me your intentions in writing, please send them to me before the call.


To maintain the vibration we created alive, I will draw directly after our exchange to materialize your intentions.
It is important for me to stay connected with your energy, movements, words, emotions, shapes, colors, images, body placement and, Intuition. This to be able to give shape to your Intentions.

When the motif will materialize, I will send it to you.

Creation of Symbols


You can have different feelings at this point.

↠ Feel it in your heart. Directly knowing that it is your Symbol. Feel it resonate in your body. 

Sometimes there is more than one drawing, and you may experiment difficulty in choosing.

↠ Need to adjust proportions: shapes and compositions may be the good ones, but the proportions need to be changed; extended – inverted – balanced.

You may also not like the motif, not feel it yours.
It could mirror the opposite of your intentions, and be uncomfortable. We will at this point use it to understand in which shape you want to honor your body. By hearing what is a No, we will have a direct road pointing to a Yes.


SuggestEd practices to help you feel :

Writing : write your intentions to reconnect with your needs and desires. Bring clarity to your thoughts.

Drawing : no matter if you think you do not know how to draw, putting the shapes on paper, feeling the movement, will help you have a reading of this drawing. That can also help you understand what you want and find the right composition for you. You could also connect directly with your own symbol.

Comparing with words and be conscious of the vocabulary you use: this can give you information of what you need or what comes from your fears – bigger, simpler, extended, smaller, too much for me…

Saying YES or NO. Act as if you had already chosen, just to deceive your mind, confuse your brain, and open a space to connect with your body sensations, feelings.

We will try until you feel that the motif is the one you need. To be able to do this, you will have to stay connected with your heart’s intentions and your inner compass.

Clay Amulet
Symbol tattoo

Placement and dimensions

Now that you chose your symbol, you will have to decide its dimensions. I will send you the dimensions from the paper, most of the time it is difficult to do it smaller but totally possible to expand it, making it bigger.

During the video, I will have already asked if you feel a placement on your body. But the final decision will be during the tattoo session, not before. I only invite you to connect and question your body before, to help you in the process.


At this point, I will start engraving your symbol on the clay.
Clay is magic. It is used to cure, purify, healed, honor, and to open the passage of your symbol to your skin. I will need 3 to 4 days to create your amulet. A slow process in which I stay connected with what you shared with me and the energy of your symbol.

amulette peauème

Your tattoo ritual

We will meet to create your tattoo session. I cannot tell you how long it will take, because it will depend on you and the time you need. Usually the sessions last between 2 to 4 hours. I have no other appointments the same day to be totally present for you.

The entire process is a ritual. It is not a ‘one-single action’ but the cumulation of small conscious acts. A ritual is the definition of giving presence and attention to a moment you choose to honor, anchoring what is precious for you.

I hope this will help you in the process. If you have any questions, ideas, things you want to change or create, feel free to write to me.

With Love,