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Perceptions & Reflections

Reflections about the tattoo pratice to invite new perspectives.

This article is an invite to change your point of view, a guideline to create your own session, being conscious about your choices and what is important for you.


Home Body

With Peauème I want to invite you to be totally present and conscious about the body transformation and passage you are going to create.
It is a portal, and more conscious choice you’ll put in, more impact it could have on you. 

You chose me to help you because you feel a resonance with my proposition. You feel an echo, a confidence in my creative expression and personal vision, but are they really mine? 

I believe that nothing is really ours, nothing is our own, everything comes from an endless exchange, from stories, from sharing, energies, travels, from transmissions. But your body, is your Home. 

Your body is your life vessel. And the transformation of your body is Your creation.

Corporal Travel

What would you think if I told you that tattoo is a travel?

A sensory journey, but also a physical one.
Whatever you choose, you will have to travel. Hear the call, Find the place and the person who inspires confidence and kindness in you, explore the possibilities, embrace the unknown, and travel close to your place or to the other side of the world, you will have to choose and create your own journey.

I deeply invite you to choose what resonates most within yourself, take more time if necessary, embrace your fears and go beyond your limits, allow yourself to choose what fully vibrates for you.

Your body transformation is a journey.
This journey goes beyond the limits of your tattoo session, it begins well before and ends well after it. Make choices from the heart, do it for yourself.

Nothing is permanent

Have you ever wondered about permanence?
That of your body, your actions, your thoughts?

I sometimes hear of fears about permanence of a tattoo and the impossibility to go back. I also hear, in the opposite, desires to make it permanent, indelible.

I need to say, as everything, that permanent, it will not be.
It will change following the movement of your body, it will evolve to follow the momentum of your thoughts, the waves of your skin and the traces of time.

If you choose it in consciousness, it will be your choice, your body, your voice, it will be You, in the movement and the impermanence.

Nothing is permanent, except change.

amulette peauème

Thoughts create reality

Everything is perception, everything we see is transformed by our thoughts, circumstances, or the story we hear of it. 
Those perceptions and thoughts create our feelings.

Sometimes changing the way we look at things may allow more conscious choices to be made, transform our beliefs and define new emotions. 

For this reason, I will ask you to come to me amnesic. Forget everything you know about tattoo. Just be present and see everything as if it was the first time, without any judgment, open to Now and connected to your inner feelings.