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About me,

Some words.

I live in Italy, close nature and a lake, I try to keep my life simple, be more conscious of my choises and staying connected to my heart. 

I named my practice Peauème, I wanted you to feel that your are entirely part of it, because without you, nothing can happen. This name keeps itself open, encompassing you, me and everyone else, as we are all connected. 

For me tattoo is medicine, every day I learn a lot about this act of transformation and human behavior. I’m grateful for being able to do a creative and powerful practice as a job. 

I feel very fortunate to meet you in those ritualised and special circumstances, to share a session with you, where we both try to stay present and connected.


My Engagements

More than trying to tell you who I am in a few words, I think you may be interested in knowing my vows towards you.

I will send you my engagements and other information before of our session, but I want you to know some of them now. 

I commit to respect you, you and your body in any shape and color. I commit to give you the time and the space you need. I commit to do my best to hear you with my heart, shadow you with my lines, inform you with all I know. I commit to be present and connected to you. I commit to help you as best as I can. 

Where am I

Most of the time you will find me ‘feet on earth’ in Angera, in Italy.
But I also live part of the year on the sea, on Luyä, a small white sailing boat.

I found a beautiful house and setup a space for our sessions in Angera. I love to spend time taking care of this cocoon and preserve a peaceful energy within it. 
When I’m traveling on the sea, you can find me in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by vegetation in an outdoor, open sky session, inviting unknown and spontaneous travel.


amulette peauème

Merci !

After some words about me, few words for you.

Thank you. I never stop learning by your side, what you are bringing to me is immense and I am profoundly thankful.

The moments we share, your trust in me,  your fear and your courage, your smiles and your precious stories. 

It is with you that all of this is possible, it is because of you that this is moving, adapting, pushing away limits, opening visions, it is because of you that Peauème is magic. 

You. You whom I have not yet met, you whom I already know, you whom I am going to only read of…  I feel an infinite gratitude to have you on my path.