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I wanted to find a name to define my proposition, something which reflected body language and self creative expression. I chose Peaueme. 

Peaume in French is a blend of the words Skin and Poem.
I love this name, somewhere between softness and secret language. A suggestion to see the tattoo like a ritual, a conscious transformation, a decision to honor our bodies.

encrage handpoked


All my propositions are Handpoked based. 

Handpoke is a slow and ancestral process, which consist in tattooing without machine, by pushing the needle point by point in the skin, by hand.

This simple way of tattooing offers a rich experience in many ways :
The silent and non electric vibrations when compared to a tattoo machine, providing more space to hear your own feelings.
The longer sessions, offering a slow moment to live your own metamorphosis. 
The softer impact on the skin and the perfectly imperfect result I love.

It was an evident choice for me to use this primitive process in our sessions.

About me.

I’m Fanny, a French lady based in Italy. I live in Angera, on lake Maggiore. 

I started tattooing in 2010. I’m fascinated by this practice of body transformation, and I’m thankful for all changes and different visions this brought into my life.

I turned my practice in 2020 from machine tattooing to handpoke, proposing a more conscious and slower process. 

I like seeing the tattoo as a travel, a medicine, a Life ritual. 

Handpoke Tattoo

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